Bringing Integrity and Community Back To City Hall

My platform is relatively simple when considering the complexities of the issues currently facing Los Angeles.


It is my belief that no one entity can effectively claim to be an expert in all areas. The true experts are you, the community members who live with the decisions made for you instead of with you by your elected officials.


My goal as your representative is to create effective community outreach programs that deliver non-biased, factual information to you so that together, we can build communities that feel supported and encourage future growth.


Our local leadership may hear us, but they do not represent us. It is my belief that as your Public Servant, my personal opinions have no place in City Hall.


As your City Council representative, accurately representing the views of my constituents and implementing changes that respect those views, will be my primary job.

Make Your Voice Matter

COLLINS FOR CITY COUNCIL 2020, 111 N. LaBrea Ave. Suite 408, Inglewood, CA 90301
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