Proud & Honored to have the Support of these Fellow Community Members: 

Danny Trejo


Actor, Philanthropist and Animal Rights Activist

The Fortt Urban Boutique


CD4 Local Business

Belly Bandit


CD4 Local Business

Books on the Boulevard

CD4 Local Business

Caden Concepts


CD4 Local Business

Pizza Wagon of Brooklyn

CD4 Local Business

Bestime Watches & Clocks


CD4 Local Business

Community Leaders

Michelle Florman, CD4 Resident

Marisa Sparaino, CD4 Resident

Randy Braverman, Small Business Owner

Craig Hodes, Private Business Owner

Sharareh Daghighi, CD4 Resident

Lori Caden, CD4 Resident and Business Owner

Kari Caden, CD4 Resident and Business Owner

Judith Caden, CD4 Resident 

Ron Caden, CD4 Resident

Phyllis Braverman, Community Supporter

Hilary Pickles, CD4 Resident, Grant Maker & Charitable Giving Ambassador 

Tracy Dekel, Community Supporter

Stephanie Cho, CD4 Business Owner

Ashley McBeth, CD4 Resident

Sally Greene, CD4 Resident 

Igor Korosec, CD4 Resident 

Amanda Reno, CD4 Resident

Kari Heredia, CD4 Resident

Jodi Caden, CD4 Resident and business owner

Jill Weiser, CD4 Resident 

Christine Kushner, CD4 Resident

Susan Ashley, CD4 Resident 

Kimberly Hopkins, CD4 Resident

Amy Feldman, CD4 Resident

Why are community leaders endorsing Susan? 

"I believe Susan has the only approach for CD4 that makes sense. She cares about safety for our neighborhoods. She wants to use taxpayer funds appropriately for homeless mental health and addiction issues instead of squandering them on overpriced apartments that average over $500,000 each." - Stephanie Cho, CD4 Business Owner

"Other city leaders throw our taxpayers dollars at a situation without resolving the core problem...and with no results. Its a revolving door. Susan sees that clearly and has the solutions to engage people back into society. Susan represents that hope. " - Michelle Florman, CD4 Resident

"Susan is smart and loyal; she is 100% committed to empowering OUR voice with true representation and ensuring that we have access to unbiased information. Susan is also a strong ally for our animal rights community and will improve support for animal protection." - Hilary Pickles, CD4 Resident 

"I want to feel Safe again in our neighborhood. I want to be able to take my son to park. Susan has the compassion and the common sense that our current leadership is lacking!" - Marisa Sparaino, CD4 Resident

"I agree that the local government is a public servant and as such accountable to the community members...I endorse Susan Collins for the City Council 2020!" - Igor Korosec, CD4 Resident

"Susan is exactly what we need She has a vested interest in our community and a ton of common sense! She is the voice we need and fights the important issues like changing back the flight paths to quiet the skies above our homes and working on the homeless crisis to provide the care they need while keeping our streets safe. Susan will fight for us and make our voices heard." - Jodi Caden, CD4 Resident and Business Owner

"She is the only candidate who fully understands the devastating impact of the implementation of NextGen that has made our neighborhood unlivable and has promised to make this issue a priority." - Susan Ashley, CD4 Resident 

Make Your Voice Matter

COLLINS FOR CITY COUNCIL 2020, 111 N. LaBrea Ave. Suite 408, Inglewood, CA 90301
Additional Information is available at