Why I'm Running

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for over 35 years. My son was born here, my

family lives here and I’m proud and blessed to have the same friends since I first moved here.

Los Angeles is my life.

 There is no other city like this one. We’re granted more opportunities here, than in any other city. With so many cultures, our lives are enriched daily. We’re given business opportunities in fields spanning from entertainment, manufacturing, aerospace, technology and so much more. Our weather promotes a healthy lifestyle. Where else can you enjoy the beaches in the morning and the mountains in the evening?

Because I love our city, it is impossible for me to sit back and watch our

current leadership continue to take our city down the wrong path.

Homelessness, increased crime, disease, high density housing plans that

create over crowding and don’t address the need for affordable housing,

placing additional stress on our failing infra-structure, environmental

damage, traffic gridlock, constant demands to increase our taxes. All of

these are causing residents to live with frustration, fear and anxiety.


When I turned to our representatives for answers, what I got were lies, half

truths, and manipulations.


When my (then) 14 year old came to me and asked to play football in the

park. He and I had a conversation about dirty needles in the grass with a

flow of acceptance that jarred me. I came to realize that this is how my son,

and the rest of our children in Los Angeles grow up now… and that, breaks

my heart.


When I went to city hall to voice opposition to an unfair bill being proposed

by Sacramento, I stood with many residents wanting to be heard by our

representatives. What we were meet with was approximately half of the

council members not in attendance when the meeting started and most of

the ones that were there were either busy on their phones or laughing and

chatting to each other during our comment time.


Our “Elected Officials” have forgotten that they’re “Public Servants”.


They’ve forgotten who they work for.


Californians are kind, compassionate, and generous people. Which is why

when we were asked to pay higher taxes to provide for the needs of those

that needed assistance, we voted in favor of two measures that would

provide additional funding to help those in need.


Even though California residents already pay one of the highest tax rates in

the country – we willing gave more. We wanted programs that would

provide help for people living in our public areas and provide more

affordable housing. In return, we all hoped to be able to enjoy simple

pleasures such as going to the park with our children, or taking our dogs

for a walk on the sidewalk, free of the fear of used needles, human waste

and crime.


We want to feel safe again.


We weren’t told about the “Low Barrier Entry” requirements for the

Permanent Supportive Housing programs. We weren’t told that if we

welcomed these housing projects into our community it would place our

most vulnerable members at an even higher risk. We’re constantly told we

need high density housing to reduce housing costs – and yet the proposed high

density housing bills don't actually provide enough affordable housing, nor

do they address the need to replace our outdated infra-structure to support

those plans.


We have a right to be heard. Our current policy makers are pushing

through bills that are specifically designed to prevent our communities

from having any say in what they decide to do with our neighborhoods.

We need to restore the voice of the voters.


We need return laws of accountability, and we need plans based on

common sense.


We can do this, if you join me – if you partner with me.


Please help me win this fight for all of us, by supporting my campaign for

City Council District 4 in 2020.


Thank You.


Make Your Voice Matter

COLLINS FOR CITY COUNCIL 2020, 111 N. LaBrea Ave. Suite 408, Inglewood, CA 90301
Additional Information is available at ethics.lacity.org