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Representing You


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Working Together to Tackle Homelessness

Our current leadership continues to fail all of us by refusing to recognize homelessness for the problem it really is. We are facing mental illness, addiction, increased crime and those that are circumstantially homeless – with no real solution from our government. We need to make changes that work for everyone and we need to make those changes now.


Bringing Integrity & Community Back to Our Government

When I turned to our representatives all I got were lies, half-truths and other manipulations. Our policymakers have been dishonest with us time and time again and like the rest of our community… I am fed up! We deserve leadership that is transparent, truthful and is committed to doing what’s right.


Reducing Our Environmental Footprint

From protecting our waterways from millions of pounds of toxic waste to preventing the over crowding that high-density housing will create, I believe there are many changes we can make to protect our environment from further damage. Both the public and private sector have an important role in leaving behind a better city for future generations.


Animal Rights

I strongly believe animals deserve protection and preservation. I support legislation that will create tougher laws regarding the abuse of animals. Studies show that the abuse of animals is a precursor to domestic abuse and other violent crimes against humans. We need early intervention programs and tougher laws to protect animals and provide greater safety for the rest of us.

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